Resplendent Reverie

The Timeless Tales - Chapter I:

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The Lovely Lady Who Would Be Prominent

nce upon a time, in the far-away land of Amberlé, lived a beautiful young lady.
Her story is one that would change the way the people of her future would know her as. It was this courageous, beautiful and enchanting woman that would set the entire land of Amberlé in awe. She sought to protect everything she believed in, and everything near and dear to her.

Her thoughts, intentions, and actions were pure, and only in a desperate attempt to save someone or something true to her would she ever fight. Henceforth, she was opposed against anything evil or corrupt, and had a strong belief in doing good for others. Being the brave woman she was who stood up for what she believed in, she wasn't a person to be taken lightly. If you had come between her, you would find yourself defeated in the most noble and justified ways. Never vengeful, always magnanimous. This was the way of her, and this was the way of life she had practiced. Her name was Effie Alexander.

Effie was always popular, being greeted by random strangers off the streets, everyone always knowing who she was. But even with it all, she never let it get to her egotistically. Although she was humble as ever, and although she never outloudly admitted her brilliance, she knew on the inside how amazing she must've been viewed upon. It was a sort of inner strength and self-confidence that gave her so much strength without being two-faced. She would give a slight one-sided grin and chuckle softly anytime anyone would ever acknowledge her amazing strengths. For she had such a beautiful heart and an enormous soul for everyone around her. This is how she knew she was different from other people who often cared for only their own purposes.

Effie had a very comfortable life growing up, and although there were many hardships her family dealt with, they always came together to pass each obstacle in their way as a family. Her older sister was her best friend. Petrina had a very different personality than Effie, although they did share some of the same qualities. Petrina was much more adventurous and a bit more free-spirited than Effie. She loved taking chances and although sometimes that didn't always work to her advantage, it really shaped her into a person who learned from many trials and experiences. Petrina was also a firm believer in spirituality and the cleansing of the spirit. She practiced much yoga and her own expressive forms of meditation to sooth body, mind and spirit. This often led many people to turn to her for advice and wisdom. Petrina was definitely a unique force to be reckoned with.

Annabella, Effie and Petrina's mother, had taught them everything she imagined two young ladies ought to know. Proper etiquette and all the ladylike expectations, all the while never making it a bore to learn. Nothing was ever forced upon Effie or Petrina, but a strong bond was shared in learning these traits. She was a stay-at-home mom, firmly believing that the women of a household had an obligation first and foremost to mold their family's upbringing. Effie loved the idea of being just like her mother—nice, outgoing, neat, and confident in who she was. Petrina was more like her father, Lucky. Annabella's personality was never really full of sugar-coated bubblegum, but Effie saw that her mother had a strong head on her shoulders, and to her, that was more than enough to look up to.

Lucky was a much more mysterious person than Annabella. Although he cared for both his daughters deeply and spent much time with the both of them, he had always been the type of person who wanted to see Effie and Petrina well taken care of. Because of this, many of his days were spent working long shifts at work, making sure their futures would be a bit easier and brighter than his own. He had a typical father-daughter relationship with both of his daughters, but often felt extremely protective of Effie, since she was younger and more fragile.

Many years passed as their entire family prospered and grew to become one of the most successful and well-known in their land. As Effie became a young woman, she often wondered when she'd meet the right person and start a family of her own. Her radiant beauty and popularity soon nominated her for the town's first beauty pageant, where other women of her age were also known for their well upbringing and morals. Effie decided to join the competition to see what rewards it might bring her. Little did she know that her life was about to change forever once she met "him". . .

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