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Witch Hunter Robin

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Witch Hunter Robin

General Information:

Title: Witch Hunter Robin
Director: Shukou Murase
Studio: Sunrise
Licensor: Bandai Entertainment; Funimation
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 26
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Occult Detective, Supernatural, Mystery, Action, Drama, Comedy
Rated: PG-13 (Moderate Violence, Supernatural Elements)
Ending: Enigmatic, Perplexing; Positive Outlook; Happy Ending


Witch Hunter Robin is about the STNJ—the Japanese branch of a larger, secret global organization known as Solomon Toukatsu Nin'idantai, otherwise commonly referred to as just 'Solomon'. The organization was created in order to help combat witches with harmful powers that endanger the lives of human citizens. Witches who are often referred to as "seeds" are said to carry their powers through genetics, or a special gene. The story focuses on one of them named Robin Sena, who works for the STNJ.

Soon after Robin is introduced to the STNJ as a "replacement", she quickly learns the traits of how the organization runs, and begins efficiently helping out Amon—the STNJ's self-appointed hunter leader—and the other members of the group, to capture witches that pose a threat to the community. However, along the way, secrets begin to reveal themselves through desperate situations, and Robin must learn to overcome her fears of being politically labeled for whom she is. She eventually learns that there are more areas of grey than are initially told, and begins seeking for the truth at all costs. To protect herself and her colleagues (which have become more like friends), Robin must face a decision that will ultimately lead her down a path of the unknown.

As the story continues to unfold, Robin increasingly becomes uncomfortable with hunting down witches, and begins to speculate what kind of treatment they receive from the STNJ once they are taken into custody at their mysterious "factory". When the group surmises all of the situations that have taken place, they hesitantly conclude that there may indeed be a correlation to the dilemma posed at their institution. Caught in a crossroads of either following their orders, or rebelling out against a false ideology that the higher-ups have forced upon them, the group begins to take charge of their fates. Will their organization survive the outcome? And what role does Solomon play? Who, if anyone, can be trusted. . . ?


Critique Rating: Story Rating: A+ Character Rating: A- Visual Rating: A- Score Rating: A+ Growth Rating: B+

When those of us often let a moment pass us by due to preconceived notions that a work of art differs from the norm, we often miss out on something that should truly be commended for its individuality. I feel that this is the case with the mesmerizing series, Witch Hunter Robin.

As we first begin to enter the story that surrounds Robin, we may feel that there isn't a specific arc in place for what's to come. But as the story slowly progresses and the viewer gets to understand, relate, and begin rooting for the good guys—the 'Hunters' of the STNJ—we come to realize exactly how the organization has worked up to that point, and how imperative it may be to figure out which side of the fight you choose to be on.

With an unveiling mystery up through the very end of the series, Witch Hunter Robin knows how to deliver, and when to keep you wanting more. While the series may inarguably have a slow build-up to its main focus, it quickly intensifies and establishes its substantial purpose around halfway through the series. In all honesty, this bothered me very little, because I had the extreme pleasure of watching each character develop on their own and with the interactions of others around them.

What I can genuinely say about Witch Hunter Robin is that it is definitely a series that is without a doubt a work of art in its own respect. The soundtrack seems to entwine effortlessly with the overall mood, and is no doubt on par with some of the best scores among animé classics. The dark, dreary, and Gothic appeal of its characters—and even its use of animation stylization—are definitely not something that you should let determine how captivating the series really is. Witch Hunter Robin is simply. . . bewitching.

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