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Need a change of scenery? I don't blame you—we all do from time to time. Thank you for taking the time in viewing my site. Just be sure to come back and visit soon, savvy? ;)


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Stop tracking... well, in its tracks! Prevent your every click from being followed and recorded.

AFTV Network
My personal favorite "go-to" spot to watch a variety of animé for FREE.

Anime News Network
One of, if not the best source for all animé news and information.

Browse Happy
A simple place for you to go in order to update your browser(s) to the latest versions.

The best and most reliable web hosting out there, which this site uses.

A very resourceful site I like to visit to install all of my software needs!

Katawa Shoujo
The visual novel that lets you control the outcome of the story, and will capture your heart.

Manga Reader
A great source for reading manga online.

Dark Horse Comics
My favorite comic book publisher after Shounen Jump.

Night of Discord Network
The domain to which this site is hosted under, operated by my wonderful hostess, Camille.

Rainy Mood
A site with a very serene effect on your mood.

Resplendent Reverie | Facebook
The official Facebook page for the site.

The Sims
Home to the best computer game series ever, The Sims!

A free way to fully listen to music without having to worry about legal or piracy issues.

One of the best sites out there to help with any kind of web-based needs.

Web of Trust
A site dedicated to bringing you piece of mind surfing the Web with a unique tool available to download.

Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group
The community of individuals who work together with the W3C to evolve HTML and other related technologies.

World Wide Web Consortium
The official site dedicated to the international standards of the World Wide Web development growth.

Xypnise | Amazon
One of my favorite places to shop online; here you can stalk my wish list for dedicated interests.

Xypnise | PlayStation Network
My official PlayStation Network profile. Feel free to add me! I'm a fantasy and sci-fi RPG enthusiast!

Xypniste | DeviantArt
Amateur artwork that I've created from high school and forward.

Xypniste | Disqus
A small corner of replied comments to affiliate updates, blogs, etc.

Xypniste | Twitch
My official Twitch account, where I upload general gameplay from various PC, PS4, and PSN games.

The Zelda Project
One of the most dedicated and exciting projects out there based on the timeless classic, "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time."

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