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Terms of Use

Before you continue reading below, I'd like to first thank you not only for visiting, but for taking the time to come to this page. Often more than not, we come across people who steal, duplicate, or otherwise plagiarize the original artist's or author's work—whatever that may be. What do we call these people? Thieves. It's sad, and you may think I'm exaggerating, but there have been a plethora of instances where I've personally come across people's artwork and other creative works being not only marked as an illegitimate artist's work, but being sold for profit on sites like Etsy and eBay.

Please, for the sake of supporting the original artist, DO NOT CLAIM SOMETHING AS YOUR WORK WHEN IT CLEARLY ISN'T. People will find out, and there's not much more on the Internet that's more embarrassing and low.

Be sure to read over these terms of use for anything related to this site. Especially if your mind is burning with a question, or you intend to use or redistribute something for your own site. As always, feel free to contact me should you find yourself having trouble understanding, or don't see your question answered below. Thank you!


Terms of Use:

P r o h i b i t e d : A c c e p t a b l e :
Copy and pasting, or using my written text word for word. Especially if it means trying to duplicate or mimic my site, or otherwise confuse my visitors into thinking your site is legitimate and mine is not. This is not only plagiarism, but deception. Using the same ideas, but restructuring the text into your own words. A step further in kindness would be to credit me for the original idea, or even tweaking it to fit your own needs.
Using any of the layout's design concepts or images for your own site. No acceptable alternative.
Redistributing, or otherwise cropping down any image and calling it your own. No acceptable alternative.
Removing any watermarks or links on images including (but not limited to) awards, animated GIFs, or other multimedia. No acceptable alternative.
Taking an image or graphic of any kind that is not restricted, and direct linking it to your site. Use your own server or available FTP client of your choice to upload the image directly onto your own site. This allows my site to not exceed bandwidth limits and place a possible hindrance to your future visits. (It's also out of courtesy not to steal other people's storage space online.)
Placing my link up on your site as EITHER an affiliate or link exchange before I have had a chance to respond to your request or have accepted to reciprocate. Doing so will void affiliation and link exchange applications. Placing my link (button of your choice, or even text!) as a normal, non-affiliated or exchanged link on your site. Linking my site couldn't make me more happy! But doing so in the right way means you take the time to read my terms and conditions before jumping the gun.
Taking any of the avatars and redistributing them onto your site, and/or calling them your own work. No acceptable alternative. Use them as directed for your personal use only.
Taking any of the wallpapers and redistributing them onto your site, and/or calling them your own work. No acceptable alternative. Use them as directed for your personal use only.
Copy and pasting word for word any of the tutorial step-by-steps, or any of the images involved, and calling them your own work. Using the tutorial for your own benefit. You may also use the same ideas or concepts to write the same tutorial as I've written, so long as you word it entirely yourself and make your own images.
Copy and pasting ANY kind of wording from the Original Storytelling, Fan Fiction, or Poems sections. These are written from my own creative mind or childhood experiences, and therefore, are very precious and sacred to me. No acceptable alternative. You are more than welcome, however, to link to any of the pages.
Duplicate any of my Animé or Games descriptions or critiques. Use any general information to further add to your own site, but create your own synopsis and critique to further explore views on how you've personally enjoyed it apart from me.
N/A You are more than welcome to quote me, reference to, or use any of the wording as a source from the Articles, Updates, or Archives.
No work of any kind—whether expressed in text, markup, programming, graphics, or other multimedia—may be used for commercial purposes (i.e. for redistributing or selling for profits). No acceptable alternative.
Republishing any copyrighted, trademarked, registered, or non-sharing licensed work! No acceptable alternative.


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