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This page is dedicated to bringing you all the technical and artistic information about the site. If you should require a guide to the main directories listed at the top, there's a quick overview listed below to help you on your way.

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About the Layout:

Version 2: Fervid Fantasy was designed using Corel PaintShop Pro X5 Ultimate, Adobe Photoshop CS, and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9. After designing many of my previous layouts based upon animés or characters from Japanese animation, I decided to incorporate something a bit more abstract in which the layout's design isn't particularly derived from anything specific. I think what became of it is something quite pleasant that I'm hoping visitors will enjoy.

As I first thought of the design for this layout, I wanted to keep the title's theme involved in it as much as possible. When designing the graphic header, I thought about how space itself—along with the stars and moons—often brings that dream-like euphoria element into place. So in continuing that theme, I did my best to add some special touches to the text links for the header graphic, giving that illusion of stardust passing you by. Not only did I want it to represent a slumber feeling of dreaming, but a wishful characteristic as well.

Reveries are something that I often relate to, and hence, how I came to name this site.


Design Inspiration:

Treasure Planet After finally completing my brand-new layout design for the site, I decided I'd tell you a bit about where the inspiration came from. Ever since I can remember, I've always admired anything space-related or having to do with the sky and the stars. But it wasn't until I saw Treasure Planet that I really became passionate about all things space. I really feel like that was such a moving story. Especially with the themes of chasing after your dreams, despite any hardships one may be going through.

To explain further about why I chose the layout's header graphic, I remember feeling so allured to a particular moment in the film. It's when Jim Hawkins is just beginning his journey after leaving his home planet, and meets up with the crew on a crescent moon-shaped planet called Montressor. I thought the animations were fantastic! Disney's always got a way to spark the imagination and leave you breathless. So when choosing a specific outer-space element, I immediately thought about how much I liked crescent moons to begin with, and how much Treasure Planet inspired me.

Anyway, after growing up with that film years ago, I finally found a way to kindle that inspiration and use a more abstract concept. I feel like it also compliments all things emblematically embedded with the site's name and purpose, so I figured that'd be a plus. I'm hoping you as a visitor will also like it as much as I do.

Site Structure & Compatibility:

This site has been structurally coded in the newly-implemented HTML 5, using CSS 3 with dividing layers. It has been coded using the energy-efficient program, Notepad++ 6.4.

Validity for both HTML and CSS can be found at the bottom of every page.

Tested Browsers:

For optimal viewing pleasure, this site is not only continually cross-browser tested,
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Finally, this site was created using Trebuchet MS and Palatino Linotype fonts. If you are a Linux user, please keep in mind that you may experience a different appearance from what was originally intended.


Green Website
Resplendent Reverie is currently on Version 2.1: Fervid Fantasy,
and is proud to be an environmentally-friendly web site that reduces carbon emissions.

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