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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you have a question you wanted to know about the site? Perhaps about me in general? Look no further, because these are some of the questions people have asked me. Your question might already be answered here, so it can save us both the time of having to contact each other! If a question you have doesn't seem to be here, however, you're more than welcome to Contact me about it.


Q: When was the site officially created?

A: Resplendent Reverie was officially created on December 30, 2011, although it was in closed beta. The work-in-progress lasted until February 23, 2012, when it officially opened to the public.

Q: Why are your images broken? I can't see them!

A: They most likely aren't broken, and are displayed properly. I double-check, if not triple-check my work usually. If you cannot see an image or part of the site correctly for some reason, check your Firewall settings and be sure to either disable it for this site, or add to your "safe list".

Q: Can I be a part of your staff?

A: I currently don't have a staff, nor do I plan to have one. This is my personal site and blog, so everything is created by only me, unless stated otherwise.

Q: May we take images we like and direct link them?

A: No, taking my content is not allowed. First of all, how can you credit yourself and say it's your work when I was the one who designed or wrote it? That's called plagiarism. All content, the layout and images, are reserved by me unless I specifically state otherwise. If you want to ask for permission to use something, you're welcome to contact me about it. Do NOT steal.

Q: If I have my own site, can I link it to yours?

A: Sure! We can either do a Link Exchange, or an Affiliation if you'd like. There are different requirements for both, so please check out each before applying to either. This will also allow you to understand where I'll be displaying your site.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of sites you accept on the Links Out page?

A: No. Currently, there are an infinite amount of spaces available.

Q: Can an animé site affiliate with your site?

A: If it's a personal/blog hybrid or something similar, then yes! I will not be affiliating with regular animé/graphic sites, however. Please refer here for any more questions.

Q: What information does the site gather about me?

A: The site may gather information such as your IP Address, the country you're from, what operating system you use and what browser you're currently viewing the site with. This information is viewed only by the site administrator/webmaster, and is never shared with anyone. IP Addresses are logged and recorded for security purposes and to reduce, or otherwise stop viewers from taking advantage of the site, its content, the webmaster, other visitors, or a disregard to the rules and terms of the site.


Q: Can we contact you via e-mail, messenger, etc.?

A: Sure, go for it! I would love to get a chance to talk with viewers of my site! Just be sure to give me respect, and you shall receive it as well. You can contact me by any method provided here.

Q: Can you make me a layout?

A: I'm currently having a hard enough time making my own layouts, not to mention I don't have the time. You're more than welcome to ask me whatever questions you may have about coding, and I'll do my best to answer with what knowledge I have, however.

Q: Can you make me any graphics?

A: I honestly don't usually have the time to make everyone custom graphics. If you and I know each other pretty well, this might be the only exception. If you're looking for some really good avatars and the like, I know plenty of graphic sites out there, and would be happy to give them to you. Just contact me by any method available.
You can also check out my graphics displayed on my InuYasha site [ 2 ] [ 3 ], should you find yourself loving that particular animé.

Q: Are you Japanese, Chinese, or Oriental of any kind?

A: You'd think, right? But no, I'm actually 100% Greek, as my last name reflects that. Ειστε Ελληνας? Ισως μπορουμε να μιλνσουμε ο ενας στον αλλο στα Ελληνικα! ^.~

Q: Are you religious? If so, what religion are you?

A: I'm a proud Greek Orthodox Christian [ 2 ].

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