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Like any decent webmaster or webmistress knows, your site isn't going to be much without its visitors. 'What to do?!', you think to yourself. Fortunately, there's a solution to your little dilemma you're having! This page will explain what a "link exchange" is, and why it's so valuable to us web designers.

Common Concept:

A link exchange is a basic tool that web designers try to take advantage of. By applying to a site's link exchange, that site will feature your site, and in return, you feature their site. It's a very common and easy way to gain some hits without constantly advertising and spreading the word around orally.
Each web designer may include his or her own set of rules to follow. This allows certain restrictions for things they may not be looking for when exchanging links, or allows a higher standard to their liking. It's important to know that link exchanges are supposed to be easier to attain than affiliation.


  1. At the moment, there's really no particular kind of site I'm declining for link exchange. The only sites I will not consider are things like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Myspace, etc. Those are all more of a "social network", and as such, I believe they should remain that way. I'm typically looking to exchange links with people who are a bit more creative and have their own niche. Sites like Tumblr and LiveJournal will be accepted since they're more customizable.

  2. I will not accept any applications that contain sites that look "slapped together". Show me you've placed some kind of effort into creating your site. Remember, you want to draw people in!

  3. All of your content on your site needs to be created by YOU, unless expressed otherwise. If you do not tell your readers what's yours and what isn't, that's plagiarism!

  4. Sites that direct link will not be considered whatsoever. Please be sure to read that article and understand how it works before applying.

  5. Your site does not have to be yaoi, yuri, or hentai-free, but I will be using my own discretion on whether or not to feature you. Pornography sites are a plain no.

  6. I know when many of us vent, we tend to let out some profanity along the way. However, profanity is typically frowned upon by many sites, as it displays nothing but an unprofessional appeal to most readers. If you're using it sporadically, that's fine; when it is overused, it tends to become more of an annoyance than anything else.

  7. StIcKy cApS is incredibly irritating, and I won't consider your site. Not to mention it's so mid-'90s street.

  8. While I know that some of us look for ways to be extraordinary, sites that contain extreme brightly-colored fonts and layouts will not be looked into. It can be excruciating when your site attempts to blind my beautiful brown eyes.

  9. No excessive pop-ups. I would like to be able to browse around your site long enough without being bombarded with pop-ups, and having the only escape option from them would be to shoot myself.

  10. Finally, you must link my site back precisely at this address:
    { }

    You're welcome to use either text-format, or any of my buttons available.


Please feel free to take advantage of my buttons below to link back to this site. Just remember to upload them onto your own server. (Do NOT direct link!)

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