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The sites listed below are ones that have gone above and beyond what is usually expected in the community of web and graphic designers. Each display some great qualities and a sense of individuality to their web site. Please take advantage of the links below and visit these remarkable artists!

Nekonette Nekonette
Status: Active
Affiliated Since: 08.11.12


If you're looking for some great tutorials, Nekonette is the place for you! Kitty's got some very constructive areas on her site that make visiting not only informative, but fun and easy to understand. She's even got an "Ask Me" area, where you can interact with her via her site for tips in coding, installation to management systems, and more!

A Glimpse Into the Horizon A Glimpse Into the Horizon
Status: Online
Affiliated Since: 07.28.14

A Glimpse Into the Horizon

Having one of the largest avatar complilations around, A Glimpse Into the Horizon offers nothing but the finest selection of designs you're likely to come across. Nelson's site has also recently gained nearly several hundred avatars in a collaborated effort, skyrocketing his total count to more than 650 designs! Who said you couldn't have both quality and quantity?

Short & Sweet Studios Short & Sweet Studios
Status: Prospective
Affiliated Since: 08.04.14

Short & Sweet Studios

Nowadays more than not, designers tend to lose their creative process and become very generic. But that couldn't be further from the truth with Short & Sweet Studios. Luke and Valerie have teamed up to inspire others with their exceptional works that range from film and photography, to home and garden, to even travel and events! Plus, who can deny their adorable bunny, Romeo?!

Kissed by Fire Kissed by Fire
Status: Active
Affiliated Since: 11.02.14

Kissed by Fire

Kissed by Fire is a fantastic multi-series fan site, but don't be fooled into thinking that's all it has to offer. From an array of information on popular TV series, to a wide array of graphics, to various fanlistings to join, and other multimedia interaction available—Shinkara has enough to offer that'll keep you browsing for hours!

Affelius Affelius
Status: Active
Affiliated Since: 04.13.15


Lysianthus is without a doubt one of the very few dedicated web and graphic designers out there, and the amount of work invested in her site proves just how loyal and talented she really is. Affelius offers an abundant amount of options to explore such as beautifully-written items, vibrant wallpapers, clean designs, and even a number of back-end server and layout modifications!

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