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Please review over the requirements below for affiliation, and Contact me if you feel you are qualified. Please note that it may take up to several days to receive a response, and that even if you do meet all of the requirements, I do reserve the right to decline you for reasons that may not be stated here. Please don't take it harshly, as I consider affiliation to be an honor of sorts within the web and graphic design community.


  1. I'm typically looking for blogs and personal sites, but I'm also including hybrid sites like my own. The only strict rule that I'll be keeping is that I will not be affiliating with web sites that don't seem to share a common interest with my own. I am also accepting graphic and animé/manga sites. For the latter, it must be a hybrid of some kind. I will not be affiliating with solely a fansite. In reviewing your application, I hold the right to determine whether your site is suitable.

  2. Places like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc., are not allowed to affiliate. However, I will accept LiveJournal, Tumblr and others of that nature. If you have one of those, show me that you've incorporated a decent amount of time into making it a nice place for people to visit. It shouldn't look "slapped together".

  3. Your site may not be built with a page-builder. This rule is omitted if you're using a site like LiveJournal, Tumblr, or others like them.

  4. Sites that contain pure pornographic display will not be considered. With that being said, however, I will accept yaoi and yuri as long as they aren't graphically obscene. This is based purely on my own judgement and what I feel is comfortable.

  5. If your web site has been on a rather long hiatus, you will be taken down with or without notice. I do my best to notify my affiliates of what is going on, but I'm not going to hunt you down if you don't make it clear where you can be reached.
    Alternatively, if your site is under evaluation and has little-to-no content, the majority of your images are broken or you have a significant lack of proper grammar and punctuation on your site (mostly to the point where I am unable to read it), I will not consider you.

  6. You must clearly state somewhere on your site or page that I'm an affiliate of yours. (You may not list me under other links such as "Links Out", "Link Exchanges", "Rotations", etc.) It must clearly say "Affiliates" somewhere.

  7. Direct linking is strictly prohibited! No excuses will be valid! Click here if you don't know what direct linking is. Use ImageShack, Photobucket, Flickr, etc., as an alternate means for bandwidth issues.

  8. You must link my site here: { }.
    No other addresses should be entered, and those who link me incorrectly (including my direct "index.php" Home page) will not be qualified. This is due to the fact that I may need to alter my front page should the need ever arise. (Hiatus notification, reconstruction, etc.)

  9. I take affiliation pretty seriously, seeing as how you're site will be among the most I advertise on my site compared to all other links. I expect nothing less and feel I should rightfully be featured among the top of your links displayed. If I feel for whatever reason that you do not promote my site as I do yours, make clear that I'm an affiliate, or have some other kind of issue regarding your terms and/or procedures, I will not consider you.
    Henceforth, if you already are an affiliate and you've made it less apparent that I'm an affiliate of yours, your affiliation may be terminated without warning.

  10. Finally, you agree that you must promote my site and link in some kind of fashion, stating clearly that I'm your "affiliate", and are willing to contact me, or reply to my needs should they arise.
    Furthermore, you agree that if for whatever reason I find your site does not meet the regulations above, that your affiliation may be terminated without prior warning or acknowledgement to you. I (Resplendent Reverie) also have the right to decline your request for affiliation at any time without reason, and multiple applications will only make a hindrance on your acceptance.
    As Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean would say, "I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request."

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