Resplendent Reverie


To me, games are more than just a series of action-packed fighting scenes, or a senseless way to pass your time without being "productive". To me, games are much more than that. They can not only boost your brain activity with complex puzzles, riddles and other intellectual attributes, but can also be a stress-reliever.

For those people who consider games a waste of time, I feel a lot of sympathy for you. People have called me a nerd, have told me I sit in front of the screen too much, whatever. But games can be much like movies or a series. They can convey a strong message, and leave your mind to explore a whole new perspective of thinking. Games also have some of the best storytelling in the world.

So the next time you call someone a nerd or belittle them for spending hours in front of a screen tapping away at their controller, consider what I said here. Realize that you might be the one missing out, not them.

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