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You've found your way to the Freelance section! This page is dedicated to bringing you information on a freelance request's projected time-frame, a fairly transparent understanding of availability, payment methods, and any other miscellaneous inquiries about a project. Please read over it carefully. If you have any concerns, please feel free to Contact me!

Projected Time-Frame of Commissions:

When a request for a freelance design is submitted and received, I will do my best to respond as soon as humanly possible, but please be aware that due to real-life work, special events, circumstances, or other provisions which arise under no possible prerogative, I may not always be able to work on a request 24/7, or as quickly as you may first anticipate.

However, please let it be known that I will do my very best to stay as prompt, courteous, and otherwise professional as much as possible when taking on a request. If an issue comes up, I will notify you as soon as I can. All I ask is that you may recognize the amount of time and work that's required in coding and layout designing. By no stretch of the imagination do I work solely from home and have a plethora of free time. I just ask that you keep this in mind.

Depending on the size of the project and what you're trying to incorporate into it, this can also be something that you may need to acknowledge. The bigger you'd like your web site, the more content you'd like to showcase, and the prettier and/or complex the design is, the longer the overall (acceptable) result is going to take. Please know that I am going to do my very best to work with you on what your needs are, but at the same time the more I go back to the drawing board (say for wanting a different feel to a design), the longer it will take to complete the project.

I will do my best to try and accumulate all the thoughts and passions of what you'd like, but please understand that everyone thinks and invisions things differently. If I do not comprehend what you originally wanted, I'm more than happy to work with you until we find a desirable outcome. I just ask that you meet me halfway.


As mentioned above relating to projected time-frames of requests, availability plays an important role and is intertwined with how fast a project is able to become complete. I am more or less accepting freelance requests on the side as another source of income and a self-teaching, professional work background. I work part-time as a ticket agent, and am also seeking a second job either part-time or full-time. Because of this, my availability may not be up to par with how fast you're looking to have your request finished. If this at any time may be the case, you're more than welcome to find someone who can create a design faster than me. I do not make new designs on a daily basis or feel like I'm particularly fast, so please keep this in mind as well.

In hindsight, I do promise to always work as quickly and accurately as possible while keeping a professional manner.

What You Can Expect:

As much as I will try my best to honor every bit of expectations you may request for your site's design and content, I have a few provisions that must be acknowledged, understood, and otherwise agreed upon before accepting any project. They are as follows:

Payment Methods:

I am currently only accepting payment in the form of USD. The types of payment included are PayPal, cashier's checks, money orders, and certified checks. Personal checks and cash will not be accepted at this time.

Alternatively, I'm also accepting the below payment methods:


Available Packages:


Standard Package - $240.00


Deluxe Package - $320.00


Platinum Package - $460.00

Custom Package - Starting at $280.00

[ PayPal payments made available on the Freelance page. ]

The Fine Print:

Please read carefully over these statements to avoid confusion before and after submitting a request, or while a project has been accepted and started.

  1. I'm typically looking to accommodate those who I can talk to in real life, face to face for freelance work, but this is not a requirement. Just realize that communicating and payment options may be very limited if you are only able to contact me via the Internet. If you're willing to speak with me over the phone out of state or internationally, that's definitely a plus, and will be easier to understand your needs.

  2. I'm a firm believer in no direct linking! It is strictly prohibited, especially if it's coming from my own site! No excuses will be valid! Click here if you don't know what direct linking is. Use ImageShack, Photobucket, Flickr, etc., as an alternate means for bandwidth issues.

  3. Please be advised that I do NOT freelance for pagebuilder sites, nor do I believe in the WYSIWYG concept. All of my knowledge comes strictly from coding and designing in the W3C validity.

  4. I will not be designing for pornographic, advertising, or third-party-based web sites.

  5. You MUST keep up any watermarks, copyrights, or links back to this site that I (as freely choose to be known under Resplendent Reverie) placed up or discussed with you as part of the agreement for credit purposes. Once an agreement is met on the credits, they must NOT be removed at any time thereafter for any reason. (Some instances may differ or be negotiated depending on the situation.)

  6. You agree that in no circumstance may you call my coding, designs, or any other work I create your own.
    Doing so places you on copyright infringements!
    You also agree that if no watermark, link, or otherwise copyright disclaimer is placed onto your site via the layout's design or text link, that you may be asked and required to place a link to a text document somewhere on your credits or disclaimer area of the site, which will include copyright credits to myself, and may include my name, the year the coding and design is created, my web site information, or any disclosed personal information I include. Any information in this document would be non-negotiable, and infringing to otherwise edit or revise without permission once agreed on and finalized.

  7. Finally, you agree that I have the right to decline any request without reason, and discontinue work on any project for undisclosed reasons, in which case your pledge will be refunded to you, and no obligations will be required from thereon. Furthermore, you acknowledge that multiple submissions for your request will only make a hindrance to your acceptance.

~ Thank You! ~

If at any time you feel you'd like to drop an inquiry about anything in the Freelance section,
please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

If you feel comfortable with everything mentioned here and would like to request a freelance project, please click here and complete the form thoroughly and accurately. Be sure to double-check your entry! Thanks! ^_^

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