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You've made your way to the Tutorials section! Feel free to take a look around to see what might help you. Do NOT replicate or redistribute these tutorials in any way, as I've worked very hard writing each of the steps.

There's not much up at the moment, but I soon hope to fill this area with many different tutorials ranging from graphics, to web design, to maybe even other generalized topics.

Web Design:



Formats: HTML 4.01 ~ 5, CSS 2.1 ~ 3, PHP 4.2 ~ 5

HTML 5 Basics

Graphic Design:


Jasc/Corel PaintShop Pro:

Versions: Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 ~ Corel PaintShop Pro X5 Ultimate

Contrast & Color Editing


Adobe Photoshop:

Versions: Adobe Photoshop CS

// No tutorials made yet for this category. \\

Alliance & Affiliation:

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